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Attorney Advisory Group

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chief Judge Dwight Williams and Judge William Sawyer decided to maintain an Attorney Advisory Group as a way to collect feedback and to keep the lines of communication open between the local bar and the Court. They recently reviewed a list of attorney volunteers and recommendations and selected the following attorneys. With their selections, the judges tried to maintain a balance geographically and by types of practice. If you were not selected this time, please volunteer next time. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and to those who sent in recommendations. (Please note: three of the attorneys listed below were selected with the last group and will carry over for another year).
Paul J. Spina, III (carry over);
Charles N. Parnell, III (carry over);
Marsha C. Mason (carry over);
Cameron A. Metcalf (new member);
Paul D. Esco (new member);
Charles E. Grainger (new member); and
Bowdy J. Brown (new member).