Transcript Request

Instructions for Requesting Transcripts

To order a written transcript, prepare the following information:

  • Case Number
  • Date of Proceedings
  • Judge’s Name
  • Requested date of transcript (30-Days, 14-Days, or 7-Days)

Call the Clerk’s Office at (334) 954-3800.

Request to speak to an Electronic Court Recorder Operator (ECRO).

Wait for the ECRO to call back with an estimate of the transcript costs.

Complete the following applicable forms.

ALMB435 - Transcript Order:  Transcribers listed under Item 20 of form ALMB435 have been certified by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) or provisionally approved by the Administrative Office*. Please select your transcriber by placing a checkmark in the appropriate box next to that name.

AO436 - Audio Recording Order: The fee for the audio copy of proceedings is $30.00. Include money order or certified check.

Mail completed form(s) to:

Clerk’s Office
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Alabama
One Church Street, Ground Floor
Montgomery, AL 36104


or FAX to (334) 954-3819.


*While the Judicial Conference does not permit the AO to maintain a central listing of certified transcribers, a court may keep a local list of transcribers certified by AAERT or provisionally approved by the AO. (Guide to Judiciary Policy, Chapter 3, Section 380.20)