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Draft Local Rules and Draft Chapter 13 Plan Open for Comments

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Alabama has completed a rewrite of its local rules and associated forms. The draft rules and chapter 13 plan are now available for public comment. The rules have been substantially rewritten so it is recommended that all interested parties read the draft version very closely.

A copy of the draft rules and chapter 13 plan are linked here. A redline version of the rules is also linked here for a comparison between the old and new rules.

The Court will hold brown bag lunches with the local bar to answer questions about the revised rules and chapter 13 plan. Judge Creswell will hold brown bag lunch meetings following her docket in Dothan on June 7, 2023, and in Opelika on June 14, 2023. Judge Hawkins will hold a brown bag lunch meeting following his docket in Montgomery on June 8, 2023.

The draft rules and plan will be available for public comment until June 23, 2023. If you have comments you would like to submit to the Court, please send the court an email at Please make sure you include contact information so the Court can contact you if there are follow-up questions.

In addition to the revised rules, the Court has also revised and added local forms. These draft forms can be reviewed below. The effective date of these forms is still to be determined.

ALMB Local Form 1, Declaration of Electronic Filing
ALMB Local Form 2. Suggestion of Death
ALMB Local Form 3a, Chapter 7 Continued 341
ALMB Local Form 3b, Chapter 13, Continued 341
ALMB Local Form 5, Chapter 13 Plan
ALMB Local Form 4, Rule 9007 Affidavit
ALMB Local Form 6, Fact Summary Sheet
ALMB Local Form 7a, Motion for Discharge Chapter 13
ALMB Local Form 7b, Motion for Hardship Discharge
ALMB Local Form 7b-1, Motion for Hardship Discharge Affidavit
ALMB Local Form 7c, Motion for Discharge Chapter 12
ALMB Local Form 8, Demand for Insurance
ALMB Local Form 9, Lien Motion
ALMB Local Form 10, Exhibits
ALMB Local Form 11, Corporate Disclosure