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Main Office Phone Number:  334-954-3800

Business Hours:  8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Operations Supervisor 334-954-3853
 case ending in digit 0 334-954-3838
 case ending in digit 1 334-954-3844
 case ending in digit 2 334-954-3854
 case ending in digit 3 334-954-3852
 case ending in digit 4 334-954-3858
 case ending in digit 5 334-954-3853
 case ending in digit 6 334-954-3856
 case ending in digit 7 334-954-3855
 case ending in digit 8 334-954-3847
 case ending in digit 9 334-954-3814
Judge Hawkins' chambers 334-954-3880
Judge Hawkins' Courtroom Deputy 334-954-3846
Judge Creswell's chambers 334-954-3890
Judge Creswell's Courtroom Deputy 334-954-3845


Other Contacts:

Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS): 866-222-8029

Feedback Email:

For filing after hours, please use the black after-hours drop box located in front of the Montgomery courthouse at One Church Street.  The drop box will allow you to time stamp the filing to show when it was received by the court. Please follow the directions on the front of the box.