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NextGen CM/ECF Deployment Information

CM/ECF is now NextGen.

1.  How will the upgrade to NextGen impact me?

NextGen is more seamlessly integrated into PACER and the two systems will be linked by a single-sign-on. Your PACER account and password will be your entry into the ALMB CM/ECF and other courts that have transitioned to NextGen.

2.  How do I prepare to use my PACER account for single-sign-on?
Between now and the time we deploy NextGen, please take a few minutes to upgrade your PACER account. Directions on how to upgrade can be found here.

3.  I am a filing agent, what about me?
Filing Agents will need to have their own PACER accounts as well. Please visit PACER to register for an account.

4.  I have my upgraded account, now what?
When ALMB deploys NextGen, you will need to link your PACER account to your existing ALMB CM/ECF account before you file in ECF. From that point forward, you will logon to PACER to file documents with the court.

5.  Do I need to know my ECF password to link accounts?
Yes. Most users have their passwords stored in their browser. You will need to know your ECF password to link your accounts. If you are not sure what your password is, you should reset your password now using the password reset feature on the login page for ECF before March 5, 2021.

6.  I have a PACER account, but I don't have an account with ALMB. What do I do?
You must first request an account with ALMB before you can file. Directions on how to request an account through PACER are available here. Although these directions are specific to attorney admission, the process is similar for non-attorney e-filing accounts. Please select the correct filing status and follow the prompts on the screen to request access to our court's ECF system.