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Judge Bess M. Parrish Creswell

Courtroom 4C
One Church St.
Montgomery, AL 36104

For actual scheduled hearings, view this calendar

Scheduled hearing dates for the reaminder of 2018 are:
September 10, 17, and 24 in Montgomery, September 14 in Dothan (if necessary), and September 20 in Opelika (if necessary)
October 1, 22, and 29 in Montgomery, October 18 in Dothan (if necessary), and October 25 in Opelika (if necessary)
November 5,19, and 26 in Montgomery, November 29 in Dothan (if necessary), and November 15 in Opelika (if necessary)
December 3, 10, and 17 in Montgomery, December 20 in Dothan (if necessary), and December 14 in Opelika (if necessary)

Scheduled hearing dates for 2019 are listed here.

General Hearing Schedule Effective January 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Montgomery Courtroom 4C

Montgomery Courtroom 4C

Court scheduled as needed

Montgomery Courtroom 4C
(twice each month)

Chapter 11 Docket




Montgomery Courtroom 4C

9:29 Settled-Confirmation Call

9:30 Confirmation Hearings-First Settings

9:45 Continued Confirmation Hearings

9:50 Modified Plans

10:00 Miscellaneous Motions/Objections
            to Claims

10:05 First Setting Motions for Relief

10:10 Trustee’s Motions to Dismiss-
            First Settings

10:15 Continued Trustee’s Motions to Dismiss

10:30 Motions to Extend Stay/Expedited Hearings

Phone Docket (Library)
*Separate week from contested matters docket

1:30 Motions for Relief

1:45 All other Motions/Objections/Applications

1:46 AP matters (Scheduling Conferences
       and Status Hearings)

Contested Matters Docket (In Court)
*Separate week from phone docket

2:00 Evidentiary Hearings

++ Dothan/Opelika ++





Note: Court is not open on Federal holidays and hearing schedules will be postoned to the next available hearing schedule type