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Judge Christopher L. Hawkins' Hearing Dates in General

Courtroom 4D
One Church St.
Montgomery, AL 36104

All motions that require notice to be sent by the court must be
scheduled for a minimum of 30 days from the date of filing.

For actual scheduled hearings, view this calendar.

Scheduled hearing dates for 2024 are listed here.* (dated July 5, 2023)

* Dates are subject to change.  Please check the calendar to verify actual hearing dates and times.

General Hearing Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Montgomery Courtroom 4D

Court scheduled as needed

Montgomery Courtroom 4D

10:00 - Ch. 11 (Hearings on
             Disclosure Statements &

             Contested Matters

Montgomery Courtroom 4D

Court scheduled as needed


++ Dothan

Montgomery Courtroom 4D

10:00 - Confirmation Hearings (First Setting)

10:05 - Continued Confirmation Hearings

10:14 - Modified Plans

10:30 - Trustee's Motions to Dismiss

10:35 - Continued Trustee's Motions to Dismiss

10:40 - Motions to Extend Stay

10:45 - Misc. Motions & Applications (by Debtor)



1:30 - Ch. 7 matters/ Reaffermation Agreements /
           Ch. 11 misc. matters

1:35 - Misc. Motions / Objections / Applications

1:40 - Motions to Approve Settlements / Fee Apps

1:45 - Preliminary Motions for Relief

1:50 - Continued Motions for Relief

1:55 - AP Matters (Scheduling Confrences /
          Status Hearings

Montgomery Courtroom 4D

Court scheduled as needed

Note: Court is not open on Federal holidays and hearing schedules will be postoned to the next available hearing schedule type

++ There are no set dates in any given month for these hearings. They are set as determined by case assignments, 
     but will be heard on a Wednesday in Dothan.  Please check the calendar for actual hearing dates.