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Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS)

The Multi Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS) is an
interactive voice response telephone system that manages multiple
courts simultaneously from one centrally-located server.  By calling
the toll free number, callers can obtain limited case information
for any participating court. The system is available in English and

To access this system, please call (866) 222-8029.

Welcome to the United States Bankruptcy Court Voice Case Information System.

You will be asked to say the state name and district of the court you
are calling for:

Please say the name of the court you want to connect to.
Say the state name first and the district or press # to hear a list of available courts.


say "Alabama Middle"
or press ( #8 ) on your phone for The Middle District of Alabama
or press ( # ) on your phone to hear the list of available courts

One you have selected the district, you have these options:

Your call is now being directed to the Middle District of Alabama.
Please select one of the options.
  1. For instructions on how to use the system, press 1 or say "help"
  2. To search by case number, press 2 or say "case number"
  3. To search by particpant name, press 3 or say "name"
  4. To search by social security, press 4 or say "social security"
  • For case number, you will be asked to enter the
    two digit year (i.e. 2013 - enter 13)
  • Next, you enter the 5 digit case number using
    leading zeroes where necessary
    (i.e. case 13-1001 - enter 01001)

Once the case is selected, the following details
will be spoken by a computer generated voice:

  • Debtor name
  • Last 4 of debtor social security number (SSN)
  • Joint debtor name
  • Last 4 of joint debtor SSN
  • Date the case was filed
  • Whether the case is voluntary or involuntary
  • Case chapter
  • Name of case Trustee
  • Name of debtor's attorney and phone number
  • Name of joint debtor's attorney and phone number
  • Name of case Judge
  • Nature of suit
  • Whether the case has assets
  • Case status
  • Date, time, and location of the Section 341 Meeting
    of Creditors

To end the call, hang up the phone.